why verkada security systems

  • Easy to use and deploy

  • Allows for easy integration

  • Provides quality service - can minimize issues with repairs/cameras being down

  • Has the ability to be checked remotely

  • AI , secure cloud based technology

Verkada benefits

  • 24x7 HD recording at 24 frames per second that is stored on the camera itself for up to 365 days

  • No NVR / DVR / on-prem Server

  • 10-year hardware warranty

  • No ongoing maintenance costs, automatic software and firmware updates at no cost.

  • Easily search and share footage via text or email

  • Share live links to floor plans with first responders, law enforcement, or security teams

  • Integrated video security/environmental sensor/access control with Verkada Command

  • Connect all Verkada devices to Command, a web-based platform that makes it simple to manage devices at scale

Common Challenges in Scaling, Reliability and Security


• NVRs/DVRs only support a limited number of cameras

• Inconsistent and uncertain retention periods

• Recorder is a single point of failure for all cameras


• Finding footage is completely manual and timely

• On-prem access is required for exporting footage

• Shared footage comes in varied, complex formats


• Firmware updates are timely, costly, and manual

• Complex configurations that lead to vulnerabilities

• Consistently behind on new features and patches


• Short product warranties which lead to costly repairs

• Unpredictable costs for breakdowns and repairs

• Scaling security results in new infrastructure costs

Verkada Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Reliability of Solid-State Storage with Cloud Accessibility


• No NVRs, DVRs, or servers—just a PoE connection

• Cameras come online and are configured in minutes

• No added software or complexities like port forwards


• Centralized management for access anywhere

• No training required to access footage and features

• Find, download, and share footage from any device


• Bandwidth-friendly, using 5-20 Kbps per camera

• Scale to thousands of cameras across all locations

• No added equipment to support additional cameras


• Hardware includes industry-leading 10-year warranty

• Automatic firmware updates keep systems secure

• No added costs for new features and enhancements


• Secure remote access on any device anywhere

• See health and receive alerts if cameras fall offline

• Visualize your space with people counting & heatmaps

• Find individuals based on attributes and face matching

• Instantly share live footage via SMS and email

• Live, proactive alerting based on unusual activity

• Integrates with active directory solutions

• Continuous updates with new AI features

Smart Way to Secure Your Space

All-in_One Physical security

Verkada is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that strengthens safety and simplifies security ownership. Today, our suite of connected devices provide enterprise organizations with meaningful insights into the health and safety of their environments. In the future, we'll deepen our use of machine learning to continue building technology that protects people, places and privacy at scale.

Video Security Access Control Environmental Sensors

Hybrid cloud cameras offer onboard storage and edge-based processing to reliably deliver insights in real-time. Manage doors, credentials and users across sites at ease with global access and active directory.


With a collection of eight onboard sensor readings, monitor for the health and safety of all environments.

Strengthen Security, Simplify Management

Verkada Command Key Benefits Add ten, hundreds or thousands of devices to Command, Verkada's cloud-based management platform. By aggregating data across devices into a centralized dashboard, Command provides users with a complete picture of what's going on across sites so teams can respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

• Unlimited user seats at no additional cost

• Customizable level of site permissions

• Access to Verkada's top-rated mobile app • Automatic updates and new features

• Monitor, save and share from one screen Users can securely access Command from any browser or device, or through Verkada's top-rated mobile app (available on iOS and Android).